TRU Tuesday - October 12th, 2021

Over the past two weeks I have been listening to something that I am sure is discussed in my yoga practice all the time but for me is something I never heard and processed until now.

When you step on to your mat your practice is like the cycle of life. There is a beginning a middle and an end. (I know nothing earth shattering here)

The middle of my practice, the work, is what I am finally hearing and processing. Removing physical and mental obstacles that cloud my mind and judgement to help me find what is truly important.

The act of letting go and finding my intention is slowly giving me clarity and strength to tackle big and small challenges in life.

How interesting that is has taken me five years to hear something so fundamental. I guess wasn’t ready to let go before now and I wasn’t strong enough to do the work. I am now and I am excited to see where this takes me🙏

What’s your TRUth xx Hayden